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IGN: Hipopotofobia
By Hipopotofobia » over 2 years ago
[1] Be respectful to staff and other players.
[2] Minimal swearing.
[3] Don't abuse any bugs or glitches, let a member of staff know about them.
[4] Don't use impertinent slurs towards other players.
[5] Don't advertise any links or servers unless given permission by a manager or up.
[6] Don't threaten of Ddosing, Doxing, or IP Grabbing.
[7] Don't spam/flood chat.
[8] No NSFW

[9] No post farming - meaning no posting unrelated comments on someone's post.
[10] Limit of only 1 ALT per person

[11] Have Fun!

Note: Just because something is not stated here does not mean staff cannot punish you for your actions.

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