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On 6/28/19 I will be resetting the server. It has come to my attention that there are some flaws with the current eco. That being said, until then, please break as much stuff regarding the economy as possible and report it in #feedback on the Discord :D

Some changes:
- Hoppers will no-longer be craftable - You will get them in the special shop.
- Ore and gem prices will be lowered to fit with other farms.
- Farm item price will be raised a bit to fit with the new hopper price.
- Beacons island level will be adjusted.
- Beacons will be stackable.
- A hopper limit will be added - As hoppers can have a large pickup area, this should not be a problem - Also you get 100x100 to start and is upgradable all the way to 500x500 so space is not an issue.
- Furnaces will hopefully get a fix.
- Mobhoppers will hopefully be re-added.
- Hopefully I can get end portals a way to be breakable
- I would like to get a new pet plugin - This would also allow us to make some bosses and custom spawners.
- If I can get this pet plugin, I may add dragon eggs to the list of island level blocks. - Would be the rarest item - Also would be stackable.
- I would like to get a new spawn and pvp area, but this may not happen at reset.

Note: Top island level and Top island worth will get a reward this season. 

22 Jun 2019, 15:02 0 | 1
This is the first of many website announcements to come! Today we are happy to announce that the server is finally reopened! With this update comes many changes and you can look below to see all of them!

We have changed the core plugin that controls the islands entirely! There is now a very easy to use menu for your island. If you do /is, it will pull up a GUI with all of the possible settings. You can change settings from the biome of which your island is, to the spawning of natural mobs!
- /is upgrades will open the upgrades menu
- You can upgrade things from your island size to island flight
- Blocks can now be stacked into one block when you place 2 of the same block next to each other. - The blocks that can be stacked include: Quartz, Coal, Redstone, Lapis, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald.

There have been quite a few new changes to spawners since the last time you joined!
- Do /spawnershop to open the shop where you can buy a range of spawners!
- Right-click a spawner to open the menu - In this menu, you can boost the spawn rate of the spawner, and check how many you have stacked
- After 1000 kills of a particular mob, it will now drop the spawner of that corresponding mob! - Use /spawnerstats to check your progress!

Hoppers have also had a major update!
- Left-click a hopper to open its menu
- In this menu you can upgrade the hopper to be faster and have a wider range
- Upgrading the hopper will allow you to enable and disable options such as block breaking, mob killing, autocrafting, and more!
- You can use hoppers to auto place blocks into a block stack after you upgrade it to a higher level.

- Furnaces now have progress bar hologram when you place them
- You can upgrade your furnaces to have faster smelting times and higher product yield!

- Anvils can now be used to repair items with currency!

Farming items:
- If you open the shop with /shop and click Special Shop - You will be able to purchase a farming item.
- This can be placed on grass and when you do, it will till an area around the item.
- This item will auto store the products from plants when they grow in its own inventory
- Right-click the item to open the inventory
- You are able to upgrade the farming item in order to have faster farming speeds and a larger farming radius
- You can use a hopper on the bottom of the item to auto withdraw the items from the inventory

Chunk Loaders:
- If you open the shop with /shop and click Special Shop - You will be able to purchase a farming item.
- This chunk loader will last 24 Hours before it is destroyed. If you want to make it last longer, you can right-click the loader and add more time.
- This can be picked up and stored to be used for later

- You are now able to link your discord to your MC account! - Do /discord link in game to link your account!
- Do /heads to open a large menu of heads you can use to make your island look as beautiful as ever! - From player heads to plants, you can make your island look stunning to visitors!
- New tree falling animation! - Now trees fall block by block from the trunk down! - Make sure you are holding an axe to see the effect!

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Once joining use the server selector to join HungryHipos
Then do /register [email]
After that you will receive an email asking to create a password (be sure to check your spam)
Once you have set your password you should be able to login to the website

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Welcome to the HungryHipos Website!
Here you will be able to find important updates to the server, the donation page, and much more. You can talk to people from the server within the forums about what could be improved or what needs to be fixed. Feel free to have a look around, but don't forget to stop by the play section and grab the IP to the server!

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